August 17, 2021 By John

Why do you wear jewelry? ?? Why women wear jewelry and how attractive it is

Why do you wear jewelry? ?? Why women wear jewelry and how attractive it is


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Why wear jewelry? About the charm of jewelry.

It is said that the history of jewelry is as long as the history of human beings.It seems that the number of people who don’t wear jewelry is increasing recently, even though it is so inseparable from people.It’s a waste to live without knowing the charm of jewelry!Jewelry has the power and charm that accessories do not have.Why do you wear jewelry? I will tell you the four charms and the secrets of how to choose.

Charm of jewelry 1. As a talisman

Jewelry began with wearing animal fangs, shells, and beautiful stones to protect yourself from the darkness, dangerous animals, and fear of death.Jewelry has been with people as a talisman ever since the beginning of human history.

The brilliance of jewelry has the power to relieve anxiety and worry.Therefore, it may have been playing a role as a talisman since prehistoric times.

The charm of jewelry 2. What makes you shine

Seeking light is like a human instinct.I think every woman wants to shine, to varying degrees.Jewelry enhances the brilliance that you give off.

If you want to have one piece of jewelry to make yourself shine, thesecret is to buy it yourself, not as a gift.Nothing gives you more confidence and brilliance than the jewelry you get on your own.

The charm of jewelry 3. What strengthens love and ties

The biggest reason I wanted to work in jewelry.That’s because “jewelry conveys your feelings.”

The custom of giving jewelry to loved ones such as wedding rings and engagement rings, parents and children, couples, etc. has been going on since ancient times.People feel eternity in jewelry that can retain its shape forever.Nothing is more suitable than jewelry as a symbol of uninterrupted love and ties.

The charm of jewelry 4. Things that make you feel better

“Reward yourself for doing your best every day!”One of the words many women say when they get jewelry.

The reward for yourself is the vitamins in your heart.Just having one brilliance of jewelry at hand gives you the power to “do your best!”