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February 15, 2022 By author

Why Applying Base Coat is Important in Gel Manicures?

Gel nails. They’re perfect. You look nice, they last forever (well, as long as you don’t break them), and you’ve got that extra bit of confidence knowing you won’t chip or mess them up for a few weeks. But if something goes wrong…oh, boy do things go wrong. Yes, they do. Especially when you forget to apply your base coat

Base Coat:

Many people are tempted to skip applying the base coat when they do a DIY gel manicure but it serves an important purpose. This is because many gel polishes contain chemicals that can cause damage to your nails. The base coat acts as a barrier between these chemicals and your natural nail helping to protect it.

A good quality base coat will also allow for easier removal of gel polish because it “grips” onto the natural nail better than the gel polish does. Without the base coat, you have to file away more layers of your nail when you remove the color.

Some of the main benefits of a base coat are:

  • Long-Lasting Nails
  • Protects Nails from Staining
  • Evens Out Surface of Nail

Applying a base coat not only helps your nails but also prevents your nails from getting stained from the pigments within the polish.

A base coat is also a great way to help your nail color last longer. Many base coats contain ingredients to help your manicure last longer or provide extra protection to the natural nail.

Applying a base coat will not affect the natural nail underneath as long as you are not applying a thick layer of product on the nail bed. A thin layer of product can be easily absorbed within the natural nail plate leaving it healthy and strong afterward.

The Bottom Line:

The bottom line is that without a base coat you will find it difficult to achieve a perfect gel manicure look. Your gel manicure may not even last for a week without a base coat. Therefore, it is important to apply a gel nail polish base coat.