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What is packaging design and how does it help your brand gain visibility?

What is good packaging design? Does it affect the sales of your business? Imagine the following situation.

You are going to buy a box of chocolates for your mom’s birthday.

Do you study the materials for each box? Do you want to compare the calories of sweets? You can pay attention to these details, but you’ll also pay attention to whether the box is visually appealing, which can have a significant impact on your final purchase decision.

Packaging is the first thing we feel when we look at a product, and it is an added value to our purchases.

The way you present your article is important to connect with your audience. Therefore, this article describes the following:

  • What is good packaging design?
  • Nine package styles and examples that encourage your own creation.
  • Various materials that can be used to create high-quality packaging.
  • Three tips for using packaging design in your marketing strategy.

What is good packaging design?

Excellent package design:

  • Proper storage of food in transit
  • Satisfy customer needs
  • Arouse surprises and emotions
  • Communicate the individuality of the brand
  • Give an impression about the product

And how can you create the best design for your package?

Three experts shared their views.

Graphic designer:

From the designer’s point of view, packaging design is important in defining the visual identity of the brand.


The manufacturer’s point of view is also decisive because it focuses on the functionality of the design.

Marketing team:

From a marketing perspective, packaging is one more element of corporate strategy, so the team has the following responsibilities:

• Make the most of your packaging as a promotional tool.

• Define the messages/keywords to include in your design.

• Tell us about your brand. They are in charge of emphasizing the important value of the product and showing it through the packaging.