June 12, 2022 By author

What are the main characteristics of nylon vacuum bags?

 Nylon vacuum bag is extensively used, mainly withinside the area of meals packaging baggage, then why nylon vacuum baggage via way of means of the meals packaging enterprise like this? It is characterized via way of means of its very own relationships.

The predominant function of nylon vacuum baggage:

Nylon vacuum baggage excessive separation:

  1. plastic packaging substances the use of distinct barrier houses ranges extensively, co-extrusion movie to attain of oxygen, water, carbon oil-resistant including blockading effect.
  2. Versatility of nylon vacuum baggage, oil-resistant, proof again low-temperature of against one hundred twenty levels centigrade excessive temperature cooking, resistance to low-temperature freezing, with precise best, fresh, smell, may be utilized in vacuum to packaging
  • Nylon vacuum packaging expenses are pretty low: relative to glass packaging, aluminum foil baggage, and different plastic packaging baggage, to attain the identical barrier effect, co-extrusion movie has a high-quality gain on value. Because of its easy method,
  • the goods of skinny movie manufacturing value in comparison with the dry kind composite movie and different composite movie may be decreased via way of means of 10-20%.
  • Nylon vacuum packaging structural layout flexibility: adopting the distinct shape layout, to fulfill purchaser call for the best of various meals.
  • Nylon vacuum bag, excessive energy, co-extrusion movie withinside the machining method has the traits of a tensile, plastic stretch after corresponding enhancing energy, also can be a part of withinside the center of metallocene polyethylene plastic substances including nylon, and deliver it extra than trendy compound energy of plastic packaging, there’s no hierarchical stripping phenomenon, precise flexibility, fantastic warmth sealing performance.
  • Nylon vacuum baggage of environmental protection: do now no longer upload adhesives, no residue solvent pollution, inexperienced environmental protection.
  • Nylon vacuum packaging ability than smaller: co-extrusion movie may be utilized in a vacuum shrinkable packaging, ability quantity ratio is close to 100%, that is glass, cans, paper, incomparable.
  • 8, no pollution, no introduced adhesives, no residual solvent pollution, inexperienced environmental protection.