Best Gel polish
February 28, 2022 By author

What are the advantages and disadvantages of UV Gel Varnish?

If you are interested in a nail design with UV nail gloss, you need to first evaluate the advantages and also drawbacks. The advantages are:

  • UV nail polish is cheaper than acrylic
  • Lasts for numerous weeks
  • Shields the all-natural nails from outside influences serve as a kind of primer
  • Numerous designs are possible (intense colors, rhinestones, natural looks).
  • Consistent application of new layers is no longer essential.
  • Suitable for day-to-day use and also for special occasions.
  • Resistant to wetness, dust, as well as fluids.

Certainly, there are also some disadvantages:

  • Much less suitable for sensitive, breakable nails.
  • Robs the nails of oxygen, they can show up brittle after getting rid of the gel.
  • After removal, additional care with abundant lotions and oils is essential.
  • Best Gel polish is challenging to get rid of, so mosting likely to the nail beauty parlor is required.

What Accessories to Use UV Gel Polish on Nails?

If you apply the UV nail polish in your home, you will need some items so that the gel adheres and also you get a clean outcome. Therefore, obtain the adhering to accessories, for example from the drugstore or from a professional nail beauty salon:

  • UV nail polish and UV device (usually offered as a set).
  • Toe spreader.
  • Toenail oil as well as cuticle cleaner.
  • Nail file.

When applying UV nail polish, constantly adhere to the product manufacturer’s suggestion to avoid making any type of errors. Once the paint sets, it is tough to remove. Seek advice from a nail design specialist if you are not sure about the application. Although the professional application will certainly cost you a little extra, you will take advantage of a tidy as well as a professional result.