July 20, 2021 By John

Wayne’s World (1992)


Wayne’s World is a 1992 comedy film distributed by Paramount Pictures. It stars Mike Myers as Wayne Campbell, Dana Carvey as Garth Algar, Tia Carrere as Cassandra Wong, and Rob Lowe as Benjamin Kane. The writers are Mike Myers, Bonnie Turner, and Terry Turner. The director is Penelope Spheeris.

Best friends Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar host a late-night public access show called Wayne’s World. Television executive Benjamin Kane hears about the show and sees an opportunity to exploit its popularity. So he offers Wayne and Garth $10,000 to buy the rights to the show. Garth feels that Wayne is selling out but he says nothing. During the premiere of the show, Wayne discovers that Benjamin had changed the format of the show, cutting out the crude humor and guaranteeing a weekly interview with sponsor Noah Vanderhoff.

One can look at this film in a number of ways. The way I see it is this could be seen as an example of “Corporate America” trying to reinvent the “youth of America” by buying them off and making them “proper”. When Benjamin decided to change the show, he eliminated the crude humor that the show was so well-known for and made it into more of a night-time talk show. In effect, he was forcing Wayne and Garth to stop being who they were and be the way Corporate America wanted them to be.

Another interesting aspect of the movie was different kinds of characters in it. You have Wayne and Garth, two cool heavy-metal-loving young guys who just love to party. Then you have Benjamin, the greedy executive, who is completely about making money in any way possible. Finally, there’s Russell Finley, Benjamin’s producer. He is stuck somewhere in between Wayne, Garth, and Benjamin. He is about making money but also loves to party with Wayne and Garth. These two sides conflict for most of the film.

To wrap, Wayne’s World is a good-natured comedy that, over the years, many have enjoyed and many more will enjoy!