June 12, 2022 By author

Waterproof PP Woven Bags Are Perfect For Carrying Things

Every material has its own characteristics and that’s what you want to focus on when you’re searching for something. 

If you’re looking for a woven bag, one of the most important things is that it’s waterproof. This is because woven bags are made with threads, which means they’ll absorb liquids very easily. 

The best thing to do is look for polypropylene woven bags, as they aren’t going to absorb liquids as easily. They’re also a lot more durable than other types of materials, so they’ll last longer. Before you get a woven bag, however, make sure you do your research to ensure it’s made out of polypropylene so you can be sure it’s not going to absorb liquids.

We mainly can divide the waterproof woven bag into two types:

1) Single side waterproof PP woven bag;

2) Double-side waterproof PP woven bag.

Single side transparent PP woven bag is also called transparent shopping bags, which are usually used to pack items or advertise the retail stores. They are made from PET or PEVA, which are eco-friendly materials, but sometimes they are made from other kinds of materials. 

These single side transparent PP woven bags can be used for packing many kinds of items like clothes, shoes, electronics, cosmetics, and so on. The big advantage that these bags have is that they can be cleaned easily and reused again and again since they are made from non-woven fabric.

The double-side waterproof PP woven bag is another kind of waterproof shopping bag in our factory store. Although these bags have some similarities with single side transparent PP woven bags, such as being made from PET or PEVA, both sides of double-sided bags are coated with white matte vinyl on the outside and clear PET+Vinyl inside.