April 20, 2022 By author

top coat gel polish set gives you two different finishes to choose from for your manicure.

The matte and gloss top coat gel polish set gives you two different finishes to choose from for your manicure. The top coat makes the nails shine, preventing the nails from being damaged by abrasions. While the matte top coat gives you an amazing matte finish.

Effective base coat functions: Increases the adhesion of nail polish and color gel. Apply a thin, normal base coat, and make your manicure stay longer.

Long Lasting: Flexible top coat and base coat prevent scratches, chips and stains. Easy application and good tenacity. It can last more than 14 days with proper application.

Can be used with all brands of gel nail polish: It is suitable for natural nails, gel nails, artificial nails, acrylic nails, false nails, etc. Using the same brand of nail polish will have a better effect.

Attention 1: It is NG to use with the remover liquid remaining.

Avoid turning off the previous one with a remover and applying a new nail polish immediately as the remover liquid may remain. The remover is composed of a powerful ingredient that removes the nail color, so if it remains, it will affect the glue and mochi of the next nail polish to be applied.

After turning it off with a remover, it is important to wipe it off with an ethanol solution. You can see that preparation is important for long-lasting nails.

Attention 2: Top coat is not applied directly

Some people want to enjoy applying it directly to their nails, such as a colored top coat. However, basically, it is NG to apply the top coat directly.

If you really like the color of the item and want to use it, apply the base coat and use it again from above.

Attention 3: Apply plenty of top coat

If the top coat is easy to peel off, the amount of top coat may not be enough. Since it is recommended to apply a thin coat of nail polish, it is easy to apply a thin coat of top coat as well.