January 16, 2022 By author

Top 3 Reasons For Adding Black Garlic To Your Diet

The type of garlic that is obtained as dark brown under the process of fermentation is known as black garlic. It is aged garlic and due to its dark color appearance, it is known as black garlic. In simple words, black garlic is aged garlic with a soft texture, is smooth, and is full of tangy, umami, and sweet taste. It is added to different dishes to further enhance the flavor of savory recipes.

Besides fermentation, it is also obtained by warming the white garlic bulbs at about 140 to 190 Fahrenheit degrees for a month or more than a month. 

In this article, we will discuss the top 3 reasons why to add a clove of black garlic to your diet. Read on to know what these are:

Protection of the heart: Just like white garlic, black garlic also plays an effective role in protecting and improving the stability of the heart. It aids in lowering heart diseases by reducing the level of triglycerides and cholesterols.

Blood sugar level: It is helpful in the regulation of sugar levels in the blood. Maintaining blood sugar levels can protect humans from various diseases. For example, kidney dysfunction, diabetes problems, and more.

Fight colon cancer: Black garlic contains unique antioxidants that are helpful in fighting against various types of cancers. According to research, the person who includes black garlic in their diet has low risks of getting colon cancer as compared to individuals who do not add black garlic to their diet.

Where to buy black garlic?

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