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May 9, 2022 By author

Tips On How To Protect The Environment When Shopping

It doesn’t take much to make your shopping more sustainable and environmentally conscious. With a few small tips, tricks and tools, you can easily make your purchases more environmentally friendly and sustainable. 

We will tell you here what you need to look out for in the supermarket and which seals you can trust.

One of the biggest problems for the environment is the immense mountains of garbage that we produce every day. No wonder everything is double and triple bagged and wrapped in plastic. That’s why there are now a lot of so-called “package-free supermarkets” or “package-free shops”.

Shopping regionally and seasonally is not only environmentally friendly but also regularly ensures variety on your plate. Instead of reaching for fruit and vegetables that have travelled far, you prefer to choose products that are in season here with us and, ideally, come from your region. 

Shorter supply chains are great for the environment, and the fruit and vegetables are always fresher than after a long flight. You can even taste the difference.

In the meantime, more and more supermarkets are making sure that they also offer their fruit and vegetables. In this way, superfluous plastic packaging will hopefully be phased out on the fresh food shelves bit by bit. 

There are small nets that you can reuse so that individual tomatoes, apples, etc. don’t fly wildly through your shopping cart. Once bought, you should always have them in your shopping bag in the future. Hopefully, you’ve said goodbye to the plastic bag at the checkout a long time ago.

The practical rice packaging bag can now be bought in every supermarket, mostly directly in the fresh food department. But you have even more choices online.