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December 19, 2021 By author

Tips for Decorating With Artificial Plants & Flowers

Artificial plants give every room an inviting, colorful and lively note – and are much easier to care for than real plants. It doesn’t matter whether you want to brighten up a dark corner, add a splash of color to your living room or hide annoying cables and plugs with a little green. Don’t miss the following practical decorating tips for artificial plants. In no time they look very real too.

Place Them in Natural Light:

Plants and flowers need plenty of sunlight and affection to thrive. By putting your artificial plants where you would normally put real plants, they look like real plants. Choose a location near a window or door, as these areas tend to get more sunlight.

Mix Them With Real Plants:

Mix fake flowers with real flowers to make your bouquets look fuller. This automatically makes every vase look more lively. Keep in mind that real flowers rarely stand upright, but rather have curvy stems. Bend the stems of your fake flowers so they stand like real flowers.

Put Them Outside:

Artificial plants can also liven up your living space outside in the courtyard or on the veranda. This creates a green oasis for yourself without much effort. Choose a large plant like a potted tree and place it in a corner.

Use Real Earth:

By covering the bucket with real soil, you can make your artificial plants look deceptively real. Regardless of whether it is a small flower pot on a shelf or a large plant – real earth makes every artificial plant look alive. And the best part about it? No irrigation is required.

Less is More:

Artificial plants look best when they are kept simple. Ivy, flower, and succulent imitations are stylish and easy-care enhancements for guest rooms or bathrooms. Such minimalist plants don’t attract a lot of attention, but they add a nifty pop of color to the room. You can buy any flower of your choice from any artificial flowers wholesale markets.