January 18, 2022 By author

The Worst Gel Nail Polish Mistakes One Can Make

Who doesn’t love gel nail polish? From being chip and smudge resistant to making a manicure last for weeks at a time, it is clear why so many women have been embracing this trend. However, we’re here to remind us all that gel nail polish isn’t all glitters and sparkles. There are some common mistakes that can ruin a gel manicure if you don’t know how to use it correctly.

3 Worst Gel Nail Polish Mistakes:

The following are the three most common and worst gel nail polish mistakes one can make which render an otherwise nice manicure very tacky:

Thick Coats:

Too thick, opaque, and streaky coats of gel nail polish. Some people have never heard or read the rule of “thinner coats give best results” and think that a thick coat is a way to go. The result is that what should be a nice shiny color turns out to be too much like plastic and ends up giving one nail an uneven and dull look.

Being Impatient:

Quickly move on to the next color without letting the previous layer dry completely. One must always wait for each application of gel nail polish to dry before applying another coat, failing to do so results in smears, runs, and lumpy-looking nails which look terrible.

Thick Top Coat:

Another common mistake would be to apply too thick a layer of topcoat on the nails. Overly thick topcoat layers tend to shrink because they are drying out and then re-drying as they are exposed to oxygen, which results in lifting at the edges and peeling off completely.

The Bottom Line:

Even though gel nails are more durable than a regular manicure, there is room for error. But with a little care and attention to detail, you can avoid making these serious gel nails mistakes.