Plastic bags
May 15, 2022 By author

Step By Step Guide To Pack Flowers As A Gift

  1. As soon as the flowers have been delivered by our parcel service, cut the individual flower stalks at an angle according to the enclosed care instructions and place the flowers in water.
  2. In the next step, soak the “Mosy” fresh flower floral arrangement in a bowl of water for at least 30 minutes. Please do not press the plug-in mass underwater, it will soak up itself. 
  3. The paper box must be protected on the inside with a waterproof lining, otherwise, the paper will soften due to the moist fresh floral mass. Plastic bags or freezer bags are suitable for lining the gift box. Take the double-sided tape and tape one or two strips, depending on the width of the tape, around the inside edge. Peel off the foil from the tape. Now put the plastic bag or freezer bag inside the box and glue it to the edge. So that no plastic is visible later, cut the bag just below the edge all the way around with scissors.
  1. You can now embellish the paper box with the help of a ribbon. If you choose a bow, the ribbon should be attached to the back of the box with a small strip of double-sided tape so that the bow cannot slip later.
  2. Take the fresh flower floral composition out of the water and let it drain briefly. Then cut the most and put it in the paper box. The mosy should end just below the rim of the gift box.
  3. The next step is to start arranging the flowers. The easiest way is to start with a beautiful rose blossom in the center and then work your way out. Please shorten the flowers before sticking them in and cut them at an angle so that optimal water absorption can take place. The flowers should be set far enough into the floral matrix that no stems can be seen when you look at the gift box from the side.