October 26, 2021 By author

Spare Parts of an Endoscope

An endoscope is an instrument that is used by most doctors or surgeons to see the internal organs of the patient. The process in which an endoscope is used to examine the patient is called endoscopy. To see the internal organs of the patient, an endoscope is directly inserted from the mouth and is inserted to a certain point.

If required, a sharp cutting tool is attached at the end of the endoscope to remove certain tissue biopsies, polyps, etc. 

The endoscope was first made by Antonie Jean Desormeaux of France in 1853 for the purpose of examining the urinary tract and bladder.

Endoscopes have some major parts. Which are given below:

  • An elastic and firm tube
  • A fiber optic for delivering light on the organ or object
  • A lens 
  • Videoscopes or an eyepiece (modern endoscopes have Videoscopes)
  • Extra entry for allowing medicine or other medical instruments

Furthermore, there are many endoscopy spare parts that play an important role in maintaining the structure of the endoscope. Such instruments are very rare and not easily available in the market.

Endoscopy spare parts include Endoscope Angulation, Bending Rubber, Root Support Rubber, Endoscope Screws (to keep the part in their position), Endoscope Pentax, Endoscope O-ring, Biopsy Channel Component, Coil Pipe Assembly Component, Endoscope Stress Relief Boots and many more.

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