March 6, 2022 By author

Painting Gel Nails

Always the same look on the gel nails gets boring at some point. How about a change? Gel nails are easy to repaint. However, you can find out here what you need to take into account. If you have any queries in your mind about gel nails, you can read on to this article to get an answer!

Gel nails are still trendy. They have a great advantage in that they always look well-groomed and have a uniform shape. It is therefore hardly surprising that modeling gel nails are one of the most popular manicure techniques. Gel nails are being really popular among girls because of the surprising benefits. 

Can Gel Nails Be Painted Just Like That?

It’s hard to believe, but it’s really easy to change the look of your nails. If you no longer like your current color or you want to spice up your classic French nails, you can grab a standard nail polish and get started right away.

If you want to paint your gel nails, you don’t have to use a special gel nail polish for this. However, it is recommended to apply a clear coat first. This not only protects the gel nail from discoloration but also makes it easier to remove the color afterward.

Does Regular Nail Polish Stick To Gel Nails?

Oh yes, surprisingly good too! The smooth surface of gel nails is perfect for nail polish. This can not only be applied extremely well but usually lasts even longer than on natural nails. Of course, you can also fix the paint with a topcoat.