April 1, 2022 By author

Packing Shipping Boxes Like a Pro

E-commerce has done a lot to ensure that businesses continue to thrive despite more limited movement of people, but they must deliver fragile goods in packaged boxes. What you must do is give yourself a headache. If you have a product that can be easily damaged, you often run the risk of replacing it at the expense of your business.

In addition, the time delay caused by having to send a replacement can increase customer dissatisfaction and encourage them to relocate their business. Proper packaging the first time increases the likelihood of your product reaching its destination, which can impress your customers. Here’s how to get started:


Fragile items should be carefully packed in a box to avoid being affected by vibration and rough handling. Wrapping them individually with extra padding such as newspaper or bubble wrap will help make them more stable and fit snugly into the box. It also helps protect individual items by packing multiple items in one box. This will prevent them from colliding with each other during shipment.


It is best to choose a box that is the right size for your product. If the box is too large, the product may hit the inside during transport, increasing the risk of damage. If it is too small, it may go out of the area and may be injured.


There are various types of materials and designs of shipping boxes. Cardboard boxes are popular for their affordability, excellent security, lightweight construction and recyclability. If you want a more secure design, you can opt for a more ribbed one. The envelope is more rigid and has a self-locking mechanism that is ideal for small and fragile items. Check with your packer to determine which box material and design is best for protecting fragile items in transit.