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March 11, 2022 By author

Nail Care After Artificial Nails

Naturalness is trendy. Maybe that’s why some women are currently parting with their artificial nails. Once the tip or gel of the artificial nails is removed, the nail that has been struck becomes visible. We have found out how you can take care of broken nails to be healthy and beautiful again. 

Artificial Nails Yes, But…

Artificial nails are a fine thing. The nails look perfectly manicured for 14-21 days. The best gel nail polish does not chip and the color remains shiny. It’s wonderful not having to worry about a manicure at all, isn’t it?

Bye-Bye Artificial Nails: Healthy Nails Grow Through Good Nutrition:

If you want to have beautiful nails, you have to eat a balanced and healthy diet. Dairy products, bananas, nuts, eggs, fish, and meat provide a nail boost. 

If you want to feed your nails now, you can take special preparations for healthy nails – they usually contain biotin, zinc, calcium, and silicon. Silica, for example, is a popular “home remedy” for repairing damaged nails. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice.

Now Up-To-Date: Protect Properly And Be Patient:

Your nails are highly vulnerable and sensitive after removing the artificial nails. In order not to strain them further, you should protect your hands from aggressive cleaning agents, washing-up liquid, and other liquids that attack and dry out the nails. 

Always wear cleaning gloves when doing housework. If you can hardly bear the sight of your battered nails, you have to be brave: nail polish is taboo for the first two to three weeks. You should only use oils, serums, etc. consistently. 

Please stop painting, because the nail has to breathe now and the nail polish remover will also damage the nail enormously.