October 11, 2021 By John

Looking For Birthday Tea Party Ideas For Your Daughter? Consider an American Girl Tea Party


An American Girl birthday tea party is a great theme. This series is very popular with young girls and the variety of characters in the series makes this an easy and fun way to have a party that is fits every budget. There are historic characters, the contemporary characters and there are even mystery stories for the young detective.

Because there are so many varied theme possibilities, you may want to consider talking with your daughter to find out what she would like.

The historic characters are from different eras. Consider choosing her favorite era and create a theme around that period in time. If her friends have the same interest in the American Girl series, then, you may want each guest to come as their favorite character and bring their dolls as guests, as well.

Once you have decided on a theme, creating invitations may be an activity you do with your daughter together. Do you want everyone to come dressed in period costume? Maybe you just want the girls to bring their dolls and get dressed up for the occasion in their prettiest dresses. Do not forget to put the theme and what the expected dress will be for this special birthday tea party.

Remember “American Girls” are about friendship, thinking big and helping others.

Consider asking your guests to bring a nonperishable food item that can be donated to a local food pantry in the spirit of the characters.

Tea parties have long been a way for women to reach out to one another, socialize and enjoy each others company. This is a celebration of your daughter and her becoming another year older. It is a time to celebrate her special day by creating memories that will last forever.

More on looking for birthday tea party ideas for your daughter? Consider an American Girl” Tea Party

Preparing decorations can be fun for you and your daughter. Lace or linen tablecloths will give the party a touch of elegance and sophistication. Using mismatched china and dishes will make this feel very special. Consider going to the local thrift store of flea market to pick up a few inexpensive tea cups and dishes if you do not want to use your good china.

For an afternoon birthday tea, the menu can be simple. Afternoon tea is light fare such as tea sandwiches, fruit kabobs, tray of cookies and small tarts and a special looking birthday cake to end the party.

Finger foods are simple and can be made ahead of time. If you have an era of time you are using as your theme, you may want to serve some foods or tea sandwiches that are from that time period.

Have fun and make a menu that you post in the area. Make it look official and colorful. Get creative and name the items you will be serving with a characters name. For example, Kit’s peanut butter and jelly tea sandwiches or Josephina’s chicken nuggets served with honey mustard dipping sauce. The girls will be tickled pink and giggle knowing they are eating their favorite characters favorite food.

Activities can be everything from watching the latest new American Girl movie or reading one of their favorite books. Consider having a scavenger hunt, or making the paper lantern Kit made for her “penny pincher” birthday party. The activities will depend on the age of the girls and their interest.

This is a great opportunity to take pictures of the guests and their dolls. Later, when you send thank you cards, you can enclose a copy of the picture of your guest and their doll. They will have this to cherish and to remember this special day in the future.

As the party winds down, you want to give your guests a special gift to help them remember this day. A tea set that they can enjoy with their American Girl doll is a nice idea. Miniature tea cups with a small bow can make a nice decoration that they can have forever to hang in a special spot.

When looking for birthday tea party ideas for your daughter, You can’t go wrong with an American Girl tea party. It fits every budget.