March 12, 2021 By John

John Haymes Newton in Goodbye America – A Great Action Movie About Three Navy Seals


Although John Haymes Newton is not listed as one of the main characters in this film, he plays a very important part. The U.S. Navy is preparing to turn its last navel base in the Philippines over to the local authorities. Among those assigned to prepare for the turnover, are three navy seals.

Lt. William Hawk (John Haymes Newton) Lt. Paul J Bladon (Alexis Arquette) and Lt. John Stryzack (Corin Nemic) Their are other notable actors in the movie, Michael York plays Arquette’s father. He immediately interferes in his son’s life, and so it goes between father and son. Another actor that makes his mark in this movie is James Brolin barkeep and owner of the local hangout. The three take liberty and head for the bar and enjoy the company of some the local girls. John (Corin Nemic) has a father that raised John to be narrow minded hard head. He (Corin Nemic) snaps and kills one of the local low life’s.

The story goes on with John also being arrested for the attack on an underage girl. He escapes jail and becomes an armed fugitive intent on murdering everyone, even his friends.Hawk (John Haymes Newton) can’t reason with his friend. An explosive chase ensues and tests the limit of friendship and patriotism. Hawk must chose between his once close friend and his duty to his country.

Can’t tell you anymore without ruining the end but, theirs a lot more to this story worth viewing. Also some great scenes between Corin Nemic and John Newton. This movie has some violence and some language issues. It’s up to you as to who may watch this movie in your home.