November 7, 2021 By author

Introduction to Water Glass Casting

Sodium silicate casting or water glass casting is a type of casting that uses water glass for binding shells to cast. Water glass is a mixture of potassium or sodium silicate that becomes hardened when exposed to air. Water glass is particularly used for solidifying man-made stones. 

Why choose water glass casting?

There are many reasons that make water glass casting preferable over other casting series. Some are given below:

  1. Water glass casting is a cheap casting method that can easily be made at a low cost. In this casting method, for eliminating wax, molds are submerged in hot water. Ultimately the mold becomes wax-free and starts floating on the water.
  1. In this type of casting, steel and iron are used which makes them favorable to use in huge casting products. 
  1. No doubt, water glass casting is highly preferable to other casting processes because it gives a smooth and accurate dimension and surface finish to products.
  1. It is widely used to obtain a multiplex structure which is not possible by sand casting and other casting procedures.
  1. The wax produced in water glass casting is highly recyclable in the environment.

Who is the best supplier of water glass casting?

Multiple companies are operating in this world which supply water glass casting but the most leading company in the casting field is no other than Lantian Precision Casting and Machining. They have a wide experience in supplying different casting products out of which water glass casting is their signature product.