November 13, 2021 By author

Introducing Snap Hook

The hook in which spring is attached at the end part in order to prevent the sudden unhooking of the cord, purse, rope, etc is known as a spring hook or a snap hook. They are widely used in everyday life for various purposes. They are made up of different materials including die-cast zinc, brass, and stainless steel.

You may have seen them with your handbags (the rope attached to your handbag through snap hook), the chain attached to the dog collar through the snap hook, etc. In short, they are considered an important part of various industrial applications.

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Functions of traditional snap hooks:

Snap hooks are of different types. Each type is responsible for carrying out different functions. The major functions of traditional snap hooks are given below:

  1. Panic snap: This is the type of snap hook that uses a ring that immediately releases anything which is attached to it. It is usually attached with cable or rope and is often used for horses.
  1. Swivel-eye snaps: The type of snap hook whose base can be adjusted according to needs and is beneficial for turning the spring along its upright (vertical) axis.
  1. Fixed-eye snaps: The type of snaps whose base is fixed at a point often used in different industries (especially in aquatic transport and industries) is known as fixed-eye snaps.
  1. All-In-One snaps: As the name suggests, these types of hooks are used for various purposes, the operator can simply adjust the rigs accordingly.