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April 28, 2022 By author

How to utilize home builder gel?

The method you utilize the contractor gel relies on the brand name you have actually acquired. Some need a guide or base coat prior to application, while others, like Glossify, can be applied straight to the nail for faster application

If you just apply Builder Gel to natural nails, you can use it multiple times to get the desired density as well as form, and also treat the layers. Apply nail ideas or foam prior to applying gel and enhance the length if you wish to stretch your nails.

Generally, the procedure for using the home builder gel is as follows:

  1. Tidy, buff and polish your nails to prepare them. Push follicles back, clip cuticles, as well as tidy nails with a lint-free pad dampened with acetone or nail cleaner.
  2. Apply base coat or guide, if essential with home builder gel. Cure under a nail light if essential. Nonetheless, if you do not need a primer, you can avoid this step to conserve time.
  3. Apply contractor gel. If you are making use of a container of contractor gel, paint it. Or, if you have a bottle of gel, you’ll require to get a percentage with a nail brush. Naturally, stay clear of the cuticles and try to cover the totally free end. Building contractor gels have a tendency to self-level, so let them sit for a couple of secs to spread out uniformly.
  4. Treated under LED/UV lights. For the selected building contractor gel, you must specify the type of lamp made use of and also the healing time.
  5. Apply a second coat; if needed, apply a 2nd layer and treatment again.
  6. Remove tack as well as clean nails with a lint-free towel soaked in isopropyl alcohol.
  7. File the nail: Give the client the wanted form and ravel locations that may be as well thick.
  8. Apply color or leading coat: Clean nails once more after that use leading coat. If the client wants a various shade, color it in and also treat it once more.
  9. End up. When all the gels have been used and healed correctly, the nail polish is ready. Apply a small amount of follicle oil and also give care instructions prior to the customer leaves.