jewelry display cabinet
January 9, 2022 By author

How To Store Your Jewelry In The Best Way

Your favorite pieces of jewelry should be treated as good friends. Whether stowed in a noble box, neatly organized in a drawer or nicely arranged in the jewelry display cabinet, here are some tips to consider.

Creating Order And Sorting:

Take the time to clean up and don’t just sort things out at random. If you don’t want to do everything at once, work your way up in small steps, for example, the chains first, then the rings, and so on.

How Can I Best Store My Jewelry?

After the hardest part is done, it is now time to give the jewelry. It is important to protect the jewelry from light and too much air when storing it so that it does not become discolored.

Chains, earrings, bracelets, and the like should therefore not be kept in the bathroom or damp rooms, because high humidity accelerates this process.

Keep Jewelry In A Drawer:

If you want to feel at home like in an exclusive jewelry store, choose drawers with differently sized shelves for storing jewelry. Rings, earrings, or bracelets can be stored separately here. You can also store clocks and other accessories neatly in this way to save space.

Store Costume Jewelry:

Costume jewelry also tends to tarnish quickly, which is why it is best to keep it in a lockable and opaque jewelry box. Because sunlight, in particular, can attack thin alloys and cause discoloration. If you like to have your jewelry in view and prefer to hang it on a jewelry stand, you should not set it up next to a window or near a heater. A jewelry stand, for example, looks great on the bedside table or in an open cupboard, as is often seen on Instagram at the moment.