Gel nail polish
March 20, 2022 By author

How To Keep Your Gel Polish Fresh For Longer

Can you imagine life without gel polish? We are not. Two weeks of uninterrupted shine and fresh color is a true manicure miracle. Almost all manicure fans now prefer gel or acrylic to classic manicures. So it’s no wonder that salons have heard the demand for a faster, longer-lasting technique. There are a few tricks you can use to make your professional gel nail polish last longer at home.

Nail Care Is The Be-All And End-All:

The density and resilience of a gel manicure can quickly give the impression of security. But we have to admit that they often look more robust than they are. So it’s important to think about the small, daily care unit. There is an easy way to take care of your nail bed and keep your nails looking freshly painted: use nail care oil. 

Gel Nails Need Protection:

There’s a rumor that gel nails can take anything, no matter what you do with them. However, exposing your nails to the chemicals in household products can quickly make them look dull. A gel manicure is pretty sturdy though, we agree. But it’s still a good idea to always have a pair of rubber gloves on hand, especially when spring cleaning is long overdue.

Repair Small Cracks Immediately:

Having a small bottle of nail glue in your handbag can be extremely helpful. Unfortunately, it’s inevitable that you’ll have to touch up the paintwork a bit every now and then. If that doesn’t happen quickly enough, it could peel off entirely. Instead, carefully apply a bit of glue and press the paint back into place.