November 27, 2021 By author

How Bouncy Castle Are Manufactured?

Bouncy castles or inflatable castles are the favorite places for most children to play and entertain themselves. You have seen several types of bouncy castles at different places like playlands, parks, schools, etc. But have you ever wondered how they are made?

In this article, we will try to conclude the manufacturing process of bouncy castles.

Step 1: Gather the material:

The initial step for manufacturing inflatable or bouncy products is the gathering of the material. Various types of materials are used for manufacturing bouncy products. Out of which, PVC (nylon or vinyl coated) due to its durability is chiefly used. Oxford woven cloth is also used for manufacturing such products. 

Step 2: Printing of the material:

Once the necessary material is gathered, digital printing is done on the PVC. You have seen amazing pictures and designs which are printed on the bouncy castle. Some people also do hand painting to make their product more appreciative, but digital printing is more preferable as compared to hand painting because digital artwork gives the PVC a smooth look.  Sometimes, hand painting is also done when the product is ready.

Step 3: Lamination:

It is an important step in the manufacturing process of bouncy castles. Because it makes your products brighter and gives a better finish than ordinary ones. However, some bouncy castle manufacturers skip this important step. Therefore their products are dull and do not have bright colors.

One of the other benefits of lamination is that it saves the inflatable products from harmful rays like (ultraviolet rays) of sunlight, making the product highly scratch resistant and more.

Step 4: Sewing:

It is a tough job to move a big bouncy castle for sewing purposes, therefore a mobile sewing machine is used for sewing the bouncy castle. Besides sewing machines, workers also stitch some parts of bouncy castles through their hands.

Step 5: Maintenance:

After sewing, necessary actions are done for the maintenance of the bouncy castle and after testing the product, it is ready for entertaining kids.

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