cat eye gel nail polish
February 28, 2022 By author

Here is Why Gel Nail Manicures are So Famous

Gel manicures are the latest trend in nail fashion. While the cost of a gel nail service is slightly higher than a regular manicure, the benefits are numerous.

The most obvious benefit for many women is that gel nails last much longer than a traditional manicure. Typically lasting two to three weeks, gel nails won’t chip or crack and look beautiful for weeks. And since they don’t need to be replaced as often, you can save money over time.

Another great benefit of gel nails is that they dry instantly. Since there is no drying time required, you can get your nails done on your lunch break and return to work immediately. 

Also, if you have children or are otherwise unable to sit still for long periods of time, gel nails are perfect for you because they dry quickly and won’t be ruined if you bump them or brush against something while they’re drying.

Finally, gel manicures offer a wide variety of colors and styles that cannot be achieved with regular polish. You can choose any color imaginably, or even mix colors to create a unique shade just for you. 

You can also add designs such as flowers and animals on your nails, giving them a very glamorous look that will turn heads everywhere you go! Or you can simply stand out with unique gel polish colors such as BLUESKY cat eye gel nail polish.


A gel manicure is just like a regular one, except that you use gel polish instead of regular polish. Gel polish lasts longer than regular polish and is healthier for your nails as compared to acrylic. It is also a lot shinier than regular polish.

If you love having beautiful nails then consider giving gel nail polish a try!