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April 10, 2022 By author

Gel Polish As An Alternative To Nail Polish

Gel polish promises a long hold and uncomplicated application. That sounds tempting, especially in summer.

Long-lasting polish on fingernails and toenails sounds tempting, especially in summer. So-called gel polishes last two to three weeks and are also scratch and smudge-proof – that’s what they promise compared to conventional nail polishes. 

The gel method has been asserting itself on the cosmetics market for some time. If you want to save the high costs in the nail salon, you can simply lend a hand yourself.

The big difference between nail polish and gel polish is the texture. The former include nitrocellulose, solvents, and color pigments. The modern variant consists – as the name suggests – of a gel-like mass. Gel polishes are usually significantly more expensive than their predecessors.

The application works like conventional nail polish, but the gel nail polish does not dry in the air. Special UV or LED lamps to ensure that the paint dries in no time at all and is therefore immediately resistant to scratches or other external influences. 

Many cosmetic brands now offer entire sets for the gel version. The short drying time compared to normal polish is a clear advantage for gel polish, since smudged nail polish is probably the biggest beauty problem for many women.

However, the situation is different when removing the gel varnishes – it is anything but gentle. Although normal nail polish remover can be used, the nails must be wrapped with cotton pads soaked in them, which they have to act for a full ten minutes. 

If you carefully push it off later, most of the paintwork will be removed. However, strong solvents can dry out nails and skin. An exception is so-called strip polishes, which you can simply “pull off” from the nails if necessary.