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March 6, 2022 By author

Gel Nails That Last: These are the Tips

With a steady hand and a conscientious execution, it works quite well with gel nails. Here are a few more tips that will help you with this topic:

  • Maintain nails with a nail oil
  • One hand after the other!
  • Too expensive? Then try the so-called “tips”
  • Special templates can help you make your own shapes
  • Natural nails should not be filed too short, otherwise, the gel cannot be applied so well

Make Gel Nails Yourself: Advantages

  1. You can choose all products (e.g. you can then also look for a vegan and animal-free nail polish)
  2. If you do it yourself regularly, you save enormously on costs.
  3. No waiting for an appointment in the studio.

Make Gel Nails Yourself: Disadvantages

  1. There may be mistakes in the application, which can also lead to irritation and damage to the nail.
  2. Unnecessary expense if you are not so satisfied with your DIY gel nails after all.
  3. The quality of the products must be researched independently.

Nail polish just freshly painted? And yet you know that they have probably already flaked off by the evening and look ugly. This should now be over, because not only do the classic gel nails promise a remedy. 

Completely new products of the best gel nail polish ensure long hold, bright colors, and protection against nasty peeling – provided you care for your nails regularly.

Do your gel nails need to be renewed or do you simply fancy natural nails again and want to give them a little break? You can remove them by following simple methods.