Gel nail polish
February 18, 2022 By author

Gel Nail Vs. Polymer: Which One Last Longer?

Gel or polymer? These are 2 of one of the most preferred sorts of nail expansions. Both of them can offer you attractive, long, and also perfect-looking nails.

As you can picture, both gel and also acrylic nails can last a very long time if you care for them. However which one lasts longer?

Does Gel Lasts Longer Than Acrylic?

The response is YES. Gel nail polish lasts much longer on the nails than acrylic typically. Polymer nails include a mix of fluid as well as a powder applied right away to your nails after that modified into a regular nail. It typically stays for a few days or possibly a week. After that, you need to obtain them done again by your nail specialist.

With gel nail polish, you don’t require to do your nails consistently. Gel polish normally remains on for an extensive time period than other nail polishes. It can take about 16-20 days prior to you need to obtain them done again.

Additionally, gel nurtures your all-natural nails as well as makes them healthier as they grow below the phony gel nails.

Gel nails are a lot more versatile than acrylics. They don’t chip or lift like acrylics, and they hold polish perfectly. Because they’re thinner than acrylics, they look more natural too.

So, if you want a nail polish that remains on for expanded time periods and looks reasonable, get yourself a gel nail gloss.

The Bottom Line:

The bottom line is that gel nails last much longer than acrylic nails, and they look extra all-natural. They are simpler to use and call for less declaring than polymers.