July 26, 2020 By John

Evolution of the Indian Animation Industry


The Animation Industry in India has evolved in the last 10 years. It has definitely come a long way since Dadasaheb Phalke made the first animated movie with matchsticks, coins and stop motion camera techniques way back in 1914.

Indian animation industry is expected to reach a record of 1.2 billion by 2012, a massive 27% rise since 2008. The industry evolution started in 1950 when an outsider, Clair Weeks, a Disney Studios animator came to India to train newcomers in the principles of classical animation. By 1970, Bhimsain and Ram Mohan, who had trained under Weeks, started and developed their own independent animation studios.

Few films were made in this era but then they could not be accepted well due to lack of government and marketing support and finally all the studios diversified into ads and feature film making which led to a total downfall of the industry.

Ram Mohan & Sako; a Japanese film maker together made an outstanding film known as ‘Ramayana’- The legend of prince Rama. They did not get an approval from the Indian government for distribution of the film. But then the film did very well overseas and it brought about greater awareness and knowledge about the talent in India.

There was a change in the situation, the outsourcing boom brought about a 360 degree change in the scenario when bigger and smaller production houses from Europe, United States and Canada started to outsource their post-production work to India due to less labour costs. There was a lot of advantage for them in it. Initially they would spend millions of dollars and now the work could be done in half the cost and this led them to get the extra benefits in terms of cost and talent in India was recognized world over.

Several companies turned up to capture the growing market in India and made profits worldwide. But the point was how long could outsourcing work go on.

In 2008 India woke up to the potential and entered the animation industry with a bang. Roadside Romeo, Hanuman, O my friend Ganesha and apart from normal movies, Cartoon Network came in a big way and captured the whole kids market and the entire animation market. Animation was being launched in normal commercial movies as well when special effects were needed for particular scenes, eg: Aladdin.

What the animation industry needs to do is that it needs to bridge the gaps between demand and supply and this is a everlasting problem which needs to be overcome since the industry has started developing

Another problem that needs to be overcome is the fact that we are still using outdated technology and importing technology becomes a far more expensive option and so developing the software and technology becomes the best option as we have to now learn and develop movies which cater to not only Indian but international audiences too.

Films have started using special effects in almost every movie and it is best believed that Indian animation industry is set to take over the world.