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May 29, 2022 By author

Different Shapes Of Corrugated Boxes

We all know the familiar sight of a brown corrugated box, but there are several different shapes that these boxes can be made in. Rectangular is the most common shape since it’s generally easier and cheaper to produce, but manufacturers also make boxes that are square or triangular. 

All of these shapes have their own specific benefits, so it really just comes down to what you’re going to use your corrugated box for:

Rectangular: The most common shape is easy to produce and relatively easy to use. Square: Since they’re harder to manufacture, square boxes tend to cost more than rectangular ones, but their unique shape makes them ideal for carrying heavy items that need extra support. 

Triangular: These boxes are perfect for shipping fragile goods like glasses or small electronics since the rounded corners and edges give added protection from damage.

Square and triangular boxes are also available with reinforced bottoms, which helps ensure that the bottom of the box doesn’t get crushed while in transit. This feature is especially important if you’re using your box for shipping heavy or delicate items. With strengthened sides and a sturdy bottom, your package will arrive at its destination without a scratch on it.

Next up is a box with a lid, which can be propped open so that it becomes like a crate or bin. A lid makes it easier to store items like pillows or blankets because you can just toss them in without having to fold them first. Lids are also good for holding smaller items that would be hard to retrieve if stored deep inside the box.

The last type of corrugated box has slats on it, which allows you to see what’s inside without the need to open it. These boxes are great for storing holiday decorations such as wreaths or garlands; you can easily see what’s inside without having to lift anything out of the box.