November 14, 2021 By author

Difference Between Happ and Sanwa Arcade Buttons – Explained

Any arcade stick builder or gamer is familiar with the two major brands of arcade buttons – Happ and Sanwa. You may have heard a lot of different things about these two, from how they’re programmed, their size, the material they’re made from, and even their color. One question I’ve often heard is “what’s the difference between Happ buttons and Sanwa buttons?”. In this article, I’ll try to clear up some of that confusion.

Difference Between Happ and Sanwa Arcade Buttons:

The Happ and Sanwa arcade buttons are two of the most popular buttons used by gamers today. Both have a different feel to them, and a beginner may be wondering what the differences lie between the two.

There are a few differences between Happ and Sanwa arcade buttons. The first difference that you will notice is their coloration.

The other main difference is in the shape of the button. The top of both Happ and Sanwa buttons are circular; however, if you look underneath the cap of each button, you will notice that each one has a slightly different style and circular shape. 

Happ buttons are the original arcade-style button commonly used for all of our arcade joysticks. The Sanwa buttons have remained very popular because they have a cruciform design that allows you to easily rest your thumb over the joystick lever while clicking on the button without accidentally moving the joystick.

The Takeaway:

Happ buttons are the most common style of a button in Japanese arcade games, and Sanwa buttons are another extremely popular style that some gamers prefer over Happ sticks.