April 1, 2022 By author

Corrugated Box Producers Help Sustain Supply Chain Agility

People around the world are struggling to understand how much we all depend on a reliable supply chain to sustain our economy and lifestyle. Due to quarantine and social distancing rules, consumers have to rely more on e-commerce to meet their needs. The surge in online shopping has reduced the ability of existing delivery systems to keep up with demand.

The corrugated box industry produces boxes that are used for the daily transportation of products to stores, electronics retail stores, businesses and homes. Without the box, the supply chain will stop. As a result, the industry is classified as a “core business” and cardboard manufacturers can continue to operate and produce the shipping containers needed to support economic infrastructure even during the outbreak of the pandemic.

Food shortages happen literally overnight, not only in stores and online stores, but also in the critical infrastructure of the healthcare system. This unexpected experience draws attention to the complexity and interoperability of supply chain logistics that contribute to successful trading. Large-scale collaboration to deliver products to those who need them remains behind the scenes, previously barely noticed by consumers.

Recycle and close the loop

More e-commerce means more boxes delivered to the consumer’s home. Efforts need to be redoubled to get these boxes back into the recycling stream so that they can be used to make new boxes. Most American homes have access to a recycling program that accepts corrugated board along with other mixed or single recycled materials, often on the front porch. Recycling boxes avoids landfill, helps the environment and provides valuable raw materials to produce new boxes.

Security package

The box industry determines the ability of pathogens to survive on corrugated surfaces and confirms that boxes are safe for transporting fresh food from farms to stores without transferring bacteria that can cause food poisoning. To do this, we conduct regular research. After the box is used, it is collected for recycling into a new box. This eliminates the possibility of transferring existing organisms. Research has shown that the heat-intensive process used to recycle old cardboard boxes (OCC) kills any bacteria that may have encounter the box during use.