February 26, 2022 By author


Dressing well is a way of expressing yourself without having to say anything. One should always wear clothes that are truly reflective of his/ her style. Although wearing clothes began out of necessity, it rapidly changed into a means of communication. Whether one likes it or not, judgment is a part of society. 

People living in society judge others on the basis of their way of clothing. Therefore wearing good and appropriate clothes is necessary. Like the clothes we wear to leave an impact on others, it also impacts our own self-image. 

Dressing well doesn’t mean we should wear something that looks appealing but is not comfortable. We should wear clothes that are not only appealing and representable but also comfy. Moreover, there are different types of clothes we wear on different occasions. There are clothes that are worn at home, to work, social events, weddings, business meetings, graduations, etc. We cannot wear a school uniform at a wedding or a formal suit at home.

Types of clothing based on the setting are business attire, casual wear, formal wear, sportswear. In addition, there is also traditional clothing.

When we talk about gender-specific clothing, men and women wear different clothes. Men cannot wear women’s clothes and vice versa. Women’s clothing is very vast and there are a lot of clothes women can wear. Women’s knitwear is the most common and trendy clothing. Knitted sweaters, cardigans, shirts, vests, gloves, hats and so many other pieces of clothing are being knitted.

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