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Choosing an MDF Board Supplier

MDF board supplier

Finding a https://www.hmlasercutter.com/product/coconut-laser-cutting-engraving-machine-hm-y-series/ can be tricky. There are many different types to choose from, but the basic qualities are the same. Here, we’ll discuss some of the differences between Veneered MDF, Direct Printed MDF, and GM Oriental. After you’ve narrowed it down, you’ll be ready to select the best board for your project. And remember, if you’re not 100% satisfied with your selection, you can always ask for a refund or exchange.

Veneered MDF

Veneered https://www.angelo-home.com/product-category/furniture-panel/high-gloss-acrylic-mdf-panel/is made from high-quality wood veneers that are glued onto premium fibreboards. This type of board is 0.5mm thick and is the perfect substitute for solid wood. Compared to solid wood, veneered MDF is lighter and more durable, with no splinters or knots. It is also more environmentally friendly than solid wood, as it uses up to 95% of the tree that was harvested for the material.

Direct Printed MDF

Whether you need to print a photo on a frame or want a large poster for your wall, you can find a Direct Printed https://www.angelo-home.com/product-category/furniture-panel/ that can help you. Direct Printed MDF is a water-based coating material that provides a natural look without the expense of using a paper substrate. It is also available in standard thicknesses and has low minimum order requirements, so you can easily find the perfect board for your needs.


You may be wondering how to tell the difference between MDF and Extira. The two panels are similar in appearance, but the former has a proprietary manufacturing process that gives it many advantages over MDF. In addition, Extira is easy to work with, allowing you to carve, route, and machine it to fit your project’s unique needs. This wood-based composite panel is twice as strong as MDF and is guaranteed for 10 years against rot and termite damage.

GM Oriental

A reputable https://www.hmlasercutter.com/product/custom-series/supplier is difficult to find in Malaysia. There are a lot of options out there and it can be overwhelming to choose one. However, GM Oriental is one company that you can rely on for your wood-work needs. For over 10 years, the company has been a leader in the MDF board industry and has managed to maintain its number one spot for that reason. Here are some things that you should look for in a MDF board supplier.

Sonae Arauco

If you’re looking for a new MDF board supplier, consider Sonae Arauco. The company was founded by a merger of two companies, Sonae and Arauco, and focuses on innovation and design quality. Its products can be used in furniture, wall coverings, and interiors, as well as in the construction industry. For more information, visit sonae-arauco.com.