April 20, 2022 By author

Cardboard is often used to make toiletry bags.

We don’t think it’s easy to notice, but our environment is full of cardboard. Maybe even where you are now, if you look around, there might be one or two.

So, do you know what kind of cardboard is used for such toiletry bags? Simply put, there are many types of “cardboard”.

You may not know it by name, but you’ve probably come into contact with a coated paper box made of this material. And it is that the double corrugated cardboard is one of the most frequent materials in the refinement of boxes. As its name indicates, it consists of two layers based on pulp and paper.

we use the best imported materials from factories that manufacture high-quality corrugated cardboard to meet the needs of our customers. Everything so that your product does not stand out only on the hangers. However, we ask you to respond in a timely manner to the characteristics of the article and the environment in which it is developed.

Double-sided board is a very popular substrate in the commercial and industrial sectors. It is also used in a wide range of products. Some lenses often have a surface coated for a glossy finish.

It is generally available in the market in two variables: HWC (Heavyweight Coating) and LWC (Lightweight Coating). Both options are sold in coils or seats, depending on the needs of the sector.

Durability: Due to its extraordinary stiffness, double-sided cardstock is a powerful material for product protection. Also for the transport and export of delicate items such as glass bottles.

Variety of formats: Thanks to its properties, double-sided corrugated cardboard can be used to make boxes of various sizes. Today you can make little boxes to sell medicines, matches and cigarettes. Similarly, it is used in boxes for food, toys, footwear, electronic components, automobiles, etc.

Moisture resistance: Specifically, it is resistant to liquids, making it very attractive for storing bottles of wine and common spirits.