July 24, 2021 By John

Best Movie Tattoos


Blood In Blood Out – From the small cross tattoo Miklo (Damian Chapa) gets tattooed on his hand to the large detailed prison tattoos blood in blood out portrays tattooing prominently. The fake tattoos where designed by Freddy Negrete and Gill Montie both are tattoo artist and both had small extra roles in the film. The main tattoo design is a snake wrapped in a circle eating its own head, it signifies entering into a gang that you can only leave threw death. There are also several characters that have full sleeve tattoos everything from traditional Aztec tattooing to Nordic images. Also released under the name Bound by Honor, Blood In Blood Out is truly the gold standard of movie special effects tattooing.

Eastern Promises – Also prison style fake tattoos but from Russia. Nikolai’s (Viggo Mortensen) tattoos where intricately designed to tell the life of a Russian gangster each image being a sort of badge showing his rank in the Russian under world. There where 37 individual fake tattoos designed for Eastern Promises, from larger back pieces to small detailed finger tattoos. The tattooed images while appearing religious in nature are actually symbolic of a criminal lifestyle. Eastern promises uses the fake tattoos as a plot vehicle and the story could not be told without the tattoos.

American History X – Arguable the most powerful scene in the movie takes place as Derek Vineyard (Edward Nortan) pulls his shirt down showing the swastika tattoo on his chest and spouting “see that..that means not welcome” a scene that could not have taken place without the fake tattoo. The charterer has several upper body tattoos all nicely done. The tattoos are well done and look very realistic with over ten separate pieces designed and applied.