Woven poly bags
May 15, 2022 By author

Bags Made of Woven PP For Product Packaging

Woven poly bags for product packaging are a great way to transport your products to customers. They’re manufactured using various techniques, ensuring the highest level of quality. 

The fact that they’re lightweight and flexible makes it easy for you to package any number of products. Bags made of woven PP for product packaging is a common choice for those looking to spruce up their packaging on a budget.

The eco-friendliness of paper and the convenience of plastic come together in this material, which is made from recycled paper and plastic bottles.

As a substitute for cardboard, it can be used in place of material that’s been used to wrap products. It consists of two layers. The outside layer is thin plastic and the inside layer is made from recycled paper.

The special thing about this material is that it can be folded into a bag and when you put a product in it, it gets even stronger. It’s very convenient because there are no strings or ribbons attached to it.

It can be widely used in various fields such as health food, cosmetics, stationery, clothing, toys, shoes, and so on. In addition to being flexible, safe, and easy to use, it can also be recycled many times more than ordinary packaging materials.

Because of the characteristics of PP woven cloth, it has many advantages: environmental protection, easy processing, etc. Thus, PP woven cloth has gradually become widely used in today’s society.


Bags made of woven PP for product packaging is a good choice for product packaging now. It can be used to package food, medicine, cosmetics, and other consumer goods.