gel nail polish
March 20, 2022 By author

Applying Gel Polish Is That Easy!

We all dream of beautiful and well-groomed fingernails, strong, opaque colors, and shelf life of several weeks. But gel polish is more than that! No scratching, no chipping! Easy to apply like nail polish,  cure, and ready to use! 

As the icing on the cake, the gel polish impresses with a unique and unmistakable shine that lasts for several weeks. It also strengthens your natural nails and stimulates growth.

Enough chatter! Today we’ll show you how it’s done and what you have to consider so that your gel polish modeling lasts several weeks on your natural nails:


  1. As a first step, apply the Cuticle Remover Honey to your cuticles and nail plates, leave on for a short time and then remove the cuticles with a  cuticle pusher or rosewood stick.
  2. Buff your nails lightly with a buffer and remove the fine dust with a brush or brush. 
  1. The next important step is the primer. It ensures that excess fat and oils are removed from the nail and your gel polish can adhere better to the nail. To do this, apply the primer thinly to your nails and let it air dry for about 30 seconds.
  2. Start your gel polish modeling with a thin layer of gel polish base and finish. Be careful not to get to the cuticles and carefully coat the tip of the nail.
  3. Cure the  Gel Base and Finish for 120 seconds under the  UV lamp or 60 seconds in the  LED lamp.
  4. Then the gel polish color from your gel nail polish set is applied thinly but carefully and cured for 120 seconds in the UV lamp and  60 seconds in the  LED lamp. (If you find it necessary, you can repeat this step)
  1. Now seal your gel color again with the gel r base and finish, this protects the color, prevents your modeling from being scratched, and ensures it lasts for weeks. In this step, make sure to coat the nail tip well again. This layer is also cured for 120/60 seconds.
  2. Finally, the sweat layer is removed with  Gel Cleanser.