custom bouncy castle
December 11, 2021 By author

All About Custom Bouncy Castle For Children

Inflatables should not be missing at any event where families are your target group. They attract children and have a high sympathy factor. Every child’s dream is their own bouncy castle for the garden or the children’s room. The dream can at least partially come true with a mini bouncy castle as an inflatable toy.


Although it is a seemingly small bouncy castle, it takes about an hour to inflate with a good bicycle pump. I dare to say that it takes a lot longer with pure lung power.

The package weighs around 3 kilograms and comes in several parts. The pictures on the instructions are really helpful. Because the main part consists of a red platform with four yellow turrets. There is a large valve for the red platform that will fit a standard bellow or air pump connector.

The three blue windows/side walls are extra parts and have to be inflated separately. Then you have to knot them with four small strings each to the holders provided on the turrets.

When inflated, the bouncy castle can stand in the garden. After about two weeks it loses a bit of air and the turrets get a little crooked. Then you just have to pump up a bit.

Naturally, as children get older, they become more active and will likely want a more resilient bouncy castle.

Logos, company names, and websites can be placed in any desired location when creating a custom bouncy castle.