July 19, 2022 By author

Add Character to Your White Kitchen Cabinets

white kitchen cabinet

White cabinets are a blank canvas, providing endless design possibilities. White cabinets can be lifeless, dull, and sterile, but they can also be given depth, dimension, and contrast with contrasting textures and finishes. Listed below are some ideas to add character to your white cabinets. You might also like to consider Shaker-style or marquis-style cabinets. This article covers the pros and cons of each type of cabinet. In addition to white, you can experiment with wood finishes, including maple or cherry.

Off-white or beige cabinets

If you’re thinking of updating your kitchen, you might consider off-white or beige cabinets. While off-white is more common in traditional kitchens, they can be an elegant addition to any style. These cabinets can pair beautifully with a variety of design elements, such as dark countertops or natural stone. When combined with other colors, they can create an elegant, country or farmhouse kitchen theme. Below are some ways to make off-white kitchen cabinets work for your home.

Off-white or beige kitchen cabinets are the perfect base for accent colors. Accents like black or red can be used to add character to the space. Use a different color for the backsplash or accent pieces, such as small appliances and other accessories. A unique floor pattern will make your kitchen stand out, as will unusual floor planks. Alternatively, you can choose a different material for your countertops, like concrete or granite.

Marquis White Pine cabinets

If you are looking for kitchen cabinetry that will be on trend but not too trendy, you might want to consider the Marquis White Pine collection. This collection is reminiscent of modern European cottages. Made of thermofused melamine, it is both durable and beautiful. Its doors feature a woodgrain pattern on the surface. Soft-close drawer and door hinges add an extra touch of convenience and beauty.

Shaker style cabinets

If you’re looking for a unique and stylish color combination to compliment your white kitchen, Shaker style cabinets are an excellent choice. White is one of the most popular colors for this style, but you can also consider colors like pale cream or rich green. Almost any color will work with this style. You can even add an island with a contrasting color, and Shaker cabinets are a great way to bring a pop of color.

While solid wood cabinets are the traditional material for Shaker cabinets, a more affordable option is plywood. The material is relatively inexpensive and will not show wear and tear. Another option is a hardwood plywood. This material is stronger and can be painted. However, hardwood plywood costs a little more and is often sanded less and is therefore a better choice for kitchen cabinets. Also, the thinner the cabinets, the less expensive they will be.

Marquis White Pine cabinets with a slab-style door frame

A slab-style door frame is an attractive design choice for contemporary kitchens. These slabs are made from one smooth piece of wood, sometimes called European style, and are attached directly to the cabinet’s side. The lack of a face frame on a slab door allows for a more minimalist design. Marquis White Pine cabinets with a slab-style door frame have a classic look and feel that will complement any kitchen.

The style of slab doors is often more striking than other styles. Unlike recessed-panel door frames, slab doors don’t collect dust or cooking grease. Slab-style doors are inexpensive and modern-looking. These cabinets are also durable and easy to clean. Those looking for a traditional farmhouse or minimalist look should consider slab cabinet doors. A slab-style door frame isn’t for everyone, but it will make a modern kitchen look a lot more appealing.