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A base coat is an item like a base that you use before applying nail color.

A base coat is an item like a base that you use before applying nail color. It has the role of smoothing the condition of the nails, moisturizing them, making the nails adhere to the color, and improving the color development. Another role is to protect the nails from discoloration due to pigmentation.

It plays an important role as a base for nails, just like putting a base under the foundation, so be sure to apply it without any hassle.

If you finish your self-nail without a base coat, you will apply it directly to the uneven surface of your nails, which will weaken the adhesion and make it easier to peel off. Also, if the surface is not smooth, the subsequent colors cannot be applied with the same thickness, and unevenness is likely to occur.

In addition, without a base coat, which has the effect of showing the complexion of your nails, there will be a difference in color development. It is an essential item for beautifully finishing nails.

Before applying the base coat, wipe off the oil on the nail surface with ethanol or the like. Wiping off the oil cleanly is the key to improving the mochi. After wiping it off, first apply a base coat to the tips of the nails that are easily peeled off. Place it thinly on the tip and spread it from the center to the left and right, then apply it thinly to the entire nail.

And be sure to dry the base coat thoroughly before applying nail polish.

Here, as a bonus, we will introduce care items that improve the motivation of self-nail. If you have this, we have put together items that you can enjoy even more self-nail.

You don’t have to collect it from the beginning, and of course you can enjoy self-nail without it, but if you are interested in “I want to have full-fledged items” or “I want to be more motivated”, please check it out. You can also buy it at drug stores.

Items to enjoy self-nail

1. Nail file: GOOD is the one that smoothes the length and surface.

2. Stick: Used to push up the cuticle

3. Cuticle oil: A liquid that softens the cuticle

4. Nail nippers: Cut and trim cuticles