The Biggest Bollywood Stars

[ad_1] In the category of best Bollywood star Amir Khan and Sharukh Khan are on the Top: Lets have a look on Top Bollywood actor list 1. Aamir Khan Aamir Khan is an Indian Actor, director and producer born in the year 1965. He is considered as the Perfectionist of Bollywood film industry. He loves… Continue reading The Biggest Bollywood Stars

Hindi Movies

[ad_1] Indian film industry is considered as world’s largest film industry in terms of ticket sales and number of movies produced and released in a year. In total almost 800 movies are produced every year and Hindi movies aka Bollywood movies comprise almost 20% of the total production. Hindi movies are circulated nationally and have… Continue reading Hindi Movies

Specifics of Bangla Movie

[ad_1] India is a huge country with lots of different cultures and languages. Indians themselves like to say that after every 100 kilometer there is a new custom of living, eating and speaking. You could hear lot of different languages while traveling around in India. Bengali community is a very large and well known also… Continue reading Specifics of Bangla Movie

History of Bollywood

[ad_1] The Indian film industry has a huge fan base not only at home but also abroad, especially in countries which have a significant Indian population. The term Bollywood is a term coined for the Hindi-language film industry set in Bombay, India. Bollywood is often incorrectly referred to the whole of Indian Cinema. It is… Continue reading History of Bollywood